Farmers support

The MicroVeg Project (107983) is a CIFSRF sponsored project in West Africa aimed at advancing sustainable production and utilization of Under-Utilized Indigenous Vegetables (UIVs) with the aid of fertilizer micro-dosing in West Africa.
Farmers are given material resources and training required to produce effectively and sustainable. In this way, their income and livelihood status is improved.
We provide the following to farmers among others

  • Seed Fund for cooperative societies
  • Farmers training
  • Vegetable seeds
  • Farmers participatory farming

Farmers are encouraged to form cooperative societies. This will allow easy access to funds, shared farm implements such as tractors, sprayers, planters, harvesters and other cultivating implements. In this development, the MicroVeg project gives a token amount of money towards these cooperative societies as a "seed fund". Thus farmers can borrow from the society with little or no interest rate or can pay interest in kind. In the end, all farmers are able to access necessary resources needed for production while the society develops.
MicroVeg Project has started a number of cooperative society in this manner and they are doing fine up till now.