Farmers support

The MicroVeg Project (107983) is a CIFSRF sponsored project in West Africa aimed at advancing sustainable production and utilization of Under-Utilized Indigenous Vegetables (UIVs) with the aid of fertilizer micro-dosing in West Africa.
Farmers are given material resources and training required to produce effectively and sustainable. In this way their income and livelihood status is improved.

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Field Experiments

In MicroVeg Project, agronomic field trials are setup to improved farming practices and develop best management practices (BMPs) on fertilizer micro-dosing and rain water harvesting techniques that are expected to yield good results by enhancing degraded soil. The recommended farming techniques are expected to be disseminated through demonstration trials, outreach efforts and training among others.
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Student Support

As part of the commitment to improve livelihood of people in West Africa through the fertilizer micro-dosing and indigenous vegetable production and utilization, education has been identified as a key to this improvement. In light of this, the MicroVeg project supports post graduate students in their education career while focusing on vegetable production and utilization in order to pass on this learning experience. ... read more