MicroVeg Annual Review Meeting 2017

The MicroVeg annual review meeting came up from March 10 to March 19, 2017. The meeting was held both at Saskatchewan and Manitoba provinces of Canada. The following people were in attendance

  • Mrs Ayo Olanrewaju - University of Manitoba
  • Mrs Modukpe Djibril - University of Manitoba
  • Dr Adeola M. Alashi - University of Manitoba
  • Mr Gideon Abimfoluwa - University of Saskatchewan
  • Mr Taylor - University of Saskatchewan
  • Mrs Jacinta Eze - Osun State University (GG)
  • Dr Bosede Lawal - IAR&T
  • Dr Carole Sossa-Vihotogbe - University of Parakou
  • Dr Nasser Baco - University of Parakou
  • Dr Andreas Djenothn - University of Parakou
  • Dr Kehinde Taiwo - Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Dr Adeolu Ayanwale - Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Dr Irenikatche Akponikpe University of Parakou
  • Dr Duro Oyedele - Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Dr Derek Peak - University of Saskatchewan
  • Dr Rotimi Aluko - University of Manitoba
  • Dr Clement Adebooye - Osun State University
  • Dr Marco Rondon - University of Parakou

The key area discussed are highlighted below

Topic Area Presenter
Status of our project Dr Clement Adebooye
Presentation of fertilizer micro-dosing and water management studies report Dr Pierre Akponikpe and Dr Duro Oyedele
Presentation on GIS database Dr Derek Peak
Comprehensive report on status of the research on scaling up and plans for remaining period Jacinta/Lawal
Implementation of gender strategy and future plans Dr Baco Mohammed
Presentations by graduate students at UofS Gideon Olaleye and Taylor
Milestones and set targets: Where are we? Comprehensive analyses of project progress Dr Clement Adebooye
Visit to CLS Coordinated by Dr Derek Peak
Budget issues/Financial matters Dr Clement Adebooye
Publication and communication strategies Team by team and general discussion
IDRC Presentation Dr Marco Rondon
Meeting with UofM officers Dr. D. Jayas (VP Research), Dr. K. Wittenberg (Dean, Faculty of Agric. & Food Sciences), Dr. J. House (Chair, Dept of Human Nutritional Sciences, Acting Chair, Dept of Food Science)
Presentation of report on polyphenol studies Dr Rotimi Aluko/Dr Kehinde Taiwo
Presentation of report on cookies and chinchin Dr. Kehinde Taiwo
Presentation of report on syrup Dr. Carole Vihotogbe-Sossa
Presentation of report on bread Dr. Adeola Alashi & Dr. Kehinde Taiwo
Discussion Dr Pierre Akponikpe
General Discussion on Project matters Coordinated by Dr Clement Adebooye
Presentation by graduate students at UofM 1. Ayo Olarewaju; 2. Modoukpe Djibril
Economics and social sciences team report Dr Adeolu Ayanwale and Dr Baco Nasser
Mission to Africa in March 2017 Derek, Oyedele, Akponikpe, Clem
Visit to Human Nutritional Sciences Labs and the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals Dr. Coordinated by Dr Rotimi Aluko
Report from NGO and general review of the meeting Mrs Jacinta Eze
Comments on conduct of the meetings and End of meeting Dr. Clement Adebooye

Photographs from the meeting session

Prof. Oyedele, Dr. Lawa, Prof. Adebooye and Mrs. Modoukpe Dr. A. Adeola, Dr. Marco & Dr. Baco
Prof. T. Kehinde Presenting Microveg Team
Dr. Akponikpe Prof. Aluko
Prof. Adebooye Dr. Marco
Dr. Nasser Baco Prof.(Mrs.) Taiwo Kehinde
Dr. (Mrs.) Bosede Lawal Prof. Adeolu Ayanwale
Mrs Ayo Olanrewaju and Mrs Modukpe Djibril Becky Vickery and Kail Letkemann
Becky Vickery with Microveg Team Departure Pix