Project Officers

The level of achievement in MicroVeg Project is a result of teamwork of individuals that make up the project.
The structural organisation in MicroVeg Project is from the principal investigators who oversees the affair in each institution, then the team leaders who head various departments and in each team we have the scientists that work together to produce valuable results and finally the project students who work with individual scientists to get the task done. Target group farmers are also part of the framework.
Here we will highlight the project officers that make the MicroVeg Project team as a whole.

Principal Investigators

Prof. Durodoluwa Joseph Oyedele
Department of Soil Science and Land Resources Management,
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife,
Osun State Nigeria.


Prof. Derek Peak
University of Saskatchewan



Prof. Rotimi Emmanuel Aluko
Department of Human Nutritional Sciences
W567 Duff Roblin Building
University of Manitoba, Canada.


Dr. Pierre B. Irenikatche Akponikpe
L' Université de Parakou



Prof. Clement Adebooye Odunayo
Osun State University



Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Project Scientists and Research Personnel

Administrative Officers

  • Mr. Abiodun Olosunde
  • Akinwunmi Femi T.

Field Project Officers

  • Mr. Fasiku AdewuyiI

Project team students

  • Aduwo Oluwafunke E.
  • Ajekiigbe Noah A.
  • Akinwunmi Femi T.
  • Akunremi Omotayo R.
  • Amao Peter A.
  • Amulu Leonard
  • Famuwagun Akinsola A.
  • Faniyi Ebunoluwa O.
  • Kodaolu Busayo O.
  • Mbossoh Ekemini R.
  • Ogunbiyi Stephen O.
  • Oladoye Christianah T.
  • Olarewaju Babatunde E.
  • Olatoberu Francis T.
  • Oluwaponle Ifeoluwa A.
  • Onadeko Morayo A.