YOUNG VEGETABLES SCIENTIST CLUB (YVSC) is a Microveg Project activity clubs organised in secondary schools and among youths who have developed passion to increase their income and nutritional values through vegetable production. Currently in Nigeria there are over 2110 enrolled in this club while about 1400 youths are enrolled in Benin Republic.


The objectives of organising this club are to

  • Promote the interest of the students studying agriculture, by empowering them with
    inputs and skills necessary
  • Harvests secured during the activities belongs solely to the students and their school
    and is expected to be disposed in the best way possible
  • To boost production, postharvest and marketing of vegetables through young
    students and show them how valuable they can become in the agricultural food
    value chain.
  • To inspire them to take conscious efforts to seek careers in agriculture and be
    positioned to tackle challenges of our national food security.
  • To breed a generation of YOUNG Vegetable Scientists and create green champions
    for the future.


Microveg Project has achieved the following for Young Vegetables Scientists Club (YVSC)

  • Trainings were conducted for technicians and teachers in Nigeria and Benin. We
    trained in Nigeria and Benin 73 and 24 agricultural science teachers, respectively, on
    research proven techniques on vegetable production, harvesting and marketing
  • In Bénin we established 5 Young Vegetable Scientists Clubs (YVSC) in secondary
    schools with 1400 students as members while in Nigeria we established YVSC clubs in
    27 schools with 2110 students as members.
  • Supply of farming implements to support effective vegetable production at the level
    of secondary school education
  • Developed, printed and distributed “How-to-do manuals” for vegetable production
  • Mainstreamed gender into the project and have already >35% women inclusion at
    levels of students and teachers participating in the project.